Unleash your ambition to create and launch successful NFT collections that steal headlines and earn you more income 
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The market of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has grown from $26 million to $10.7 Billion in 12 months. Yet, it's only just getting started. 
Monetize your IP
NFTs are a new way for anyone to earn money. From artists to researchers, everyone is finally able to efficiently monetize their intellectual property by themselves. 
Ride the wave
The NFT craze has only just begun. This is a great time to get your hands dirty and learn about this new and exciting industry that's re-shaping the world of art, gaming and research.
Creating an NFT is easy. Creating an NFT collection that steals headlines is hard.

This accelerator program teaches you the first principles of creating a successful NFT collection—in only 8 weeks. The full curriculum will be provided to successful applicants. 
IDEATION: Create a unique collection
Learn how to make your collection stand out from the thousands of NFTs flooding the market.
BUSINESS: Learn how to make money
Learn the business models behind successful NFT projects, how to manage your intellectual property and what to consider.
TECHNICALS: Understand the mechanics
Understand what "smart contracts" are, the pros and cons of various "chains", what market places you should consider and more.
PROMOTIONS: Build your brand and community
Stand out from the millions of NFTs in the market. Learn the most successful promotion strategies, key platforms and community building fundamentals. 
Connect to trusted programmers and creatives to bring your collection to life.
Present your virtual collection at "demo day" to our community of investors and creators.
Learn directly from investors and creators via 1-on-1 mentoring and seminars.
Participants also gain access to
We've listed three case studies of well-known NFTs below.
Keep in mind that NFT collectibles are not only valued on their visual attributes but on myriad interior attributes as well.
9,200 squiggles were algorithmically generated. This one (1) Squiggle was last sold for $3.6M USD.
This NFT last sold for $16.1M USD
This NFT last sold for $3.6M USD 
This NFT last sold for $2.9M USD
10,000 Cryptopunks have been released. Since its initial sale, resales of Cryptopunks reached $2 Billion USD. 
10,000 images of bored apes went on sale in April 2021. In the last six months, resales of their collection reached $700M USD.
The program will accept only a small number of creators. This allows us to focus on your projects and to build a strong community of like-minded creators who share the same values.
This program is valued at $20,000.
Pay a fee 
Pay a one-off fee of $1499 to gain access to the program. 

We also ask for a small allocation of tokens or equity in your project. In other words, we want to be invested in your success.
2% equity
2-5% equity
Free (equity-only) placements are provided on an invite-only basis.

These are negotiated depending upon the maturity and quality of your collection.
The program is open to everyone with an interest in becoming an NFT creator. You can join as a team or participate as a solo founder and potentially find a co-founder within the program.
Build a business around your art. Learn how NFTs can empower your art, meet and mingle with business people and get the frameworks you need to thrive.
Learn the business fundamentals of the NFT industry, ideate unique collections and meet and mingle with creatives to take your ideas to the next level.

Learn the business and creative side of NFT creation. Meet and mingle with creatives and business people, access frameworks to think through your business and get involved in new projects.
The NFT Accelerator will kick off in late November, 2021.  Exact dates will be published later this month.
STAGE 1:  Sign up to our waitlist
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STAGE 2:  Apply for the program
Fill in the application form to formally apply for the program. In the application process you will be able to indicate your preference of equity scheme.
STAGE 3:  Get on the shortlist and join a call  
If your application is shortlisted, we will tee up a video call to get to know each other better, set expectations and learn if there's a fit between us. 
STAGE 4:  Be admitted into the 8-week program
If your application is successful, you'll be offered a spot in the program. The program will require 4-6 hours per week of your time and we expect you to invest another 8+ hours per week of your own time into your project. We will prioritise people and teams that can dedicate their full attention to their projects. 
The NFT Accelerator is designed and operated by Haymarket HQ and Haymarket VC, our investment arm.

We have invested in and supported the launch of a large number of blockchain projects since 2017.

Haymarket HQ is based in Sydney, Australia and is a registered not-for-profit that has supported 700+ companies since 2017.
Saving biodiversity using NFTs
Crafting virtual gaming worlds
Race horses on the blockchain
The play-to-earn metaverse
We have developed, advised or invested in a range of "metaverse" companies and NFT collections, including:
Are you a business that is seeking to learn more about NFTs and how they may impact your industry?

We design workshops and programs to support your teams and senior leadership to understand the basics of NFTs, market trends and potential opportunities. 
Am I too [X] for the program?
No. In our cohort selection, we prioritise diversity in every sense of the word to create a cohort of people who challenge and empower each other. We encourage anyone with an interest in NFTs to apply.

Will you take any equity? Are there any hidden costs?
Yes, we will ask for a small portion of equity (5-10%) in return for joining the accelerator program. We want to be invested in your company and have "skin in the game". The program fee covers all costs - there are no hidden costs.

When can I apply for the program?
Put in your expression of interest today and you will be notified when the cohort opens.

What are the selection criteria?
We look at a wide variety of factors including your team, track record in developing concepts/artworks, the originality of your concept, your enthusiasm and various other factors. The program is open to all and we encourage you to apply, even if you don't feel you fit all the criteria.
What are NFTs? 
NFTs stand for Non Fungible Tokens. Learn more about the basics of NFTs in this article.

Is this program 100% virtual?
Yes. There may be optional face-to-face events in our facilities in Sydney.

Do you have any experience running programs?
Yes. We have run 10+ programs in the past five years for governments and world-leading organisations including Alibaba and KPMG. To date, we have supported over 700 companies through our programs and support services.

Who should I contact to know more?
For any questions, email letschat@haymarkethq.com

How can I partner with you? 
Let's chat! Shoot us an email to talk more.

Is this only open to Australian companies? 
No, we are accepting applications from across the globe. All sessions will be recorded to account for time zone differences and we will do our best to accommodate our cohort's preferred times.
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